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HHJDHoney comes from beekeeping family. Since 1996, we focus on beekeeping always. All honey has product identification and control strictly by traceability control program.  Supply natural, safe and healthy honey is our goal.

There are about 200 bee farms and more than 100 bee hives each bee farm. Our bee farms are located in Anhui, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Guangzhou etc. Bee hives are for linden honey, jujube / sidr honey, lychee honey, vitex honey, acacia honey, buckwheat honey, fennel honey etc.

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Honey Harvest Time (Flower blooming season):

Rapeseed Honey: March to April                                                       

Clover Honey: March to April

Lychee Honey: March to April                                                           

Polyfloral Honey: March to September

Orange Honey: April                                                                         

Lungan Honey: April to May

Acacia Honey: May                                                                             

Jujube Honey: June

Vitex/Chaste Honey: June to July                                                        

Linden Honey: July to August

Sunflower Honey: August                                                                    

Buckwheat Honey: August to September  

Bee Farms Location

The red flags are ours.   

Pictures of Bee Farms

Welcome to visit our bee farms always.

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