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How The Bee Collects Sidr Honey in Beehives

August 25,2020.

Hhjdhoney is beekeeper in China. There are more than 150 bee farms, 20000 bee colonies. We are migratory beekeeping, the beekeeper migrate as per the season of flowers blooming from March to September.

The most important thing is choosing a place suitable for beekeeping. The environment is most important, must be non-pollution and natural. Our bees are apis, it's division management of colony and beekeeping with movable frame hive. Ensure the distance of each frames and hive is 9.525mm. The bee just make honeycomb in the frame.

The daily work of beekeeper is inspection of bee colony, check their health, honey flow etc. The bee nectar the dew from flowers, back to beehive for concentration, when the honey is mature, the bee seal comb with beewax.

Do you know how to extract the honey from honeycomb?

1. Clean bees from honeycomb

2. Cut the seal of  comb

3. Seperate honey from comb, using extraction machine

4. Return the comb to beehive

After extraction honey from comb, fill all raw honey to drums, then transport to factory for filter, filling, packing and loading to customers.

Do you know where the bees defecate? The bee love clean, the never defecate in the beehive, when the stool is over 20%-25% of their weight, the will make a cleaning flight.  Someone may confuse that the bees can't find their home. The bee will make first fly after 7 days of eclosion, recognize the position, color and enviroment of their flight, this is called orientation flight.

If you want to know more about the bee, welcome to contact us.

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