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Apiary Bulk Pure Natural Linden Honey Wholesale

Linden honey originates from the linden-woods that stretch across the slopes of Mountains, also known as Lime or Basswood. It is extra light amber color.
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    1mt or 200ctns
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    Linden Honey
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    White to Extra Light Amber
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    Wuhu, Shanghai, any port of China
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    20 days
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Apiary Bulk Pure Natural Linden Honey Wholesale

Pure Linden Honey is one of the most valuable and best varieties of bee honey. Bees collect it from the nectar of greenish yellow flowers of the queen of honey plants, as the people rightly called linden.

Linden Honey has various beneficial properties. In the shade of blooming alleys, or just on the streets, planted with lime trees, the heady scent of tiny yellow-white flowers is all around us, and it attracts bees from the neighborhood. In the period of intensive selection the nectar on the flowers looks like drops of dew. Linden blossoms in late spring or early summer, selecting more nectar in warm, humid weather.

It is extra light amber color, has a strong bright aroma of linden described as woody, crisp and fresh, also described as minty, balsamic, menthol and camphor.

Natural honey provides 46 calories in one tablespoon. It is good for our body health, protect our liver, stomach, keep fitness etc. There are so many benefits,  honey can improve immune system, reduce cholesterol, detoxify blood, promotes general health and vitality etc.

It has expectorant, sweat-inducing, febrifugal, soothing and antispasmodic properties. It is used in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, throat, tonsils, sinuses and bronchi. Due to its high antibiotic activity, it is also used to treat urinary tract diseases and rheumatic conditions.

Characters of Linden honey:

1. When it is not crystallized, it is a transparent light yellow liquid, between light amber and amber, viscous and transparent, with a greasy luster.

2. When the temperature is lower than 14 degrees Celsius, it crystallizes quickly, and then becomes a delicate white greasy shape; after crystallization, the taste is better, known as "white honey".

We have more than 200 bee farms in the mountain. Welcome to visit our apiary during harvest season. Please watch the vedio of honey apairy.


1. With natural antibacterial and antiseptic effect.

2. Clearing away heat and strengthening middle energizer, clearing liver and improving eyesight, detoxicating and moistening dryness are effective for swelling and relieving fatigue.


Product Name: Natural Linden Honey

Brand: HHJD or OEM
Moisture: max 18.5%

HMF: max 40

Surcose: max 5%

Welcome to send your detail specification list to us.  


1. Bee Honey is used in the food and beverage industry

You can drink or eat directly. Honey also can be used in bakery, tea, pastries, sweets, popsicles, ice cream industry.

2. Pure Honey is used in medicine

Honey can fill spleen and kidney, embellish intestines, embellish lung, detoxification, antisepsis and other functions. It can treats spleen and stomach weakness, disease after body deficiency, irritable bowel constipation, dry mouth pharynx dry, cough without phlegm, pain epigastric etc.

Packages of Linden Honey:

Bulk drum: 28kg/plastic drum, 290kg/steel drum etc 

Retail small package: 30g, 125g, 250g, 500g, 750g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg etc

You can find more bottle shapes in Page of "PACKAGES", also can OEM shapes for all kind of natural honey. 

Ideal Storage of Bee Honey:

1. Keep at room temperature, should not be stored in too cold nor too hot place.

2. Avoid moisture absorption. Honey should be stored in a cool dry place, making sure that the container cap is on tight since honey tends to absorb moisture from the environment.

3. Store honey away from heat sourses. Avoid sunlight, hot kitchen, stove area etc. Because it can affect honey properties. 

Our service:

1. OEM and ODM are welcome.

2. 100 ml Free sample and Free design.

3. Small trial order are welcome.

4. Free technical support. 


If you have any interest or question about any kinds of natural honeyplease kindly send me inquiry. Welcome to visit our bee farm and factory.

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