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Different Types Honey In China Part 1 --- Acacia Honey,Linden Honey,Jujube honey

January 9,2019.

Honey is a sweet, sticky, yellowish-brown fluid made by bees and other insects from nectar collected from flowers.  There are polyflora honey and monoflora honey, the color is different between variety honey. Such as Acacia honey, Linden honey,  Lychee honey, Longan honey, Jujube / Sidr honey, Canola honey, Sunflower honey, Buckwheat honey etc. The color is also from extra light amber to dark amber.

Acacia Honey

It is a monofloral honey and one of the best honey in the world. Acacia honey is nectar from acacia tree also named Black Locust tree. According to sources, acacia is an extremely clear honey in comparison to its golden peers. However, the light honey’s sweet and mild taste is said to be ideal for flavoring culinary items and beverages.

100% Natural Acacia Honey

Although very sweet, Acacia honey has a relatively low glucose content and will resist crystallization. This honey is absolutely unique in both color and flavor. The flavor is so light and so sweet. You will immediately pick up on notes of pure vanilla. Sometimes I can even find these wonderful notes of cotton candy or cream soda. Acacia honey can range from white (meaning clear) to extra light amber in color. In fact, Acacia honey is sometimes referred to as Moon honey or Water honey because of its ultra-light color. Acacia honey also has great clarity. You could actually read a newspaper through Acacia honey!

Sidr Honey / Jujube Honey

Sidr honey is nectar from  flower of sidr tree, in China, also named jujube tree. It is one of the most popular honey. Jujube honey has rich nutrition and medicinal benefits. It strengthens the body immune system revitalizing the body with antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

100% Natural Jujube Honey

Linden Honey

It is nectar from the blossoms of linden or basswood trees. Also named Lime tree honey. It is a premium honey, low acidity, medium sweet and sometimes a light bitterness. Linden honey has persistent aftertaste and is slightly astringent. The crystallization rate is medium to fast with fine to medium sized crystals.  It has wide range of applications, is primarily used for treating colds and fevers as a diaphoretic, and it is used as a fortifying agent and supports the heart. It is also applied externally to help heal festering sores on the skin, eczema, and burns.

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