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March Rapeseed Honey

March 26,2019.

Now is March,the spring is coming,which flowers will be widely open in this season?

Yes,it is rapeseed flower.

Generally rapeseed flower period is 25-30 days.Different regions rapeseed flower periods will be different:

Southeast and Southwest flower season:March to April;

The north of the Yellow River:June to July

Rape flower base

And bees start to work hard for honey. So how do bees collect honey?

Bees secrete invertase and amylase into nectar when collecting honey,the honey is sucked back into the nectar pouch by the bees,after repeated times into the nest room.And in the process of iteration,the bees keep adding invertase and amylase,then mix it,finally convert sucrose, dextrin and starch to monosaccharide and remove excess water from nectar. This kind of honey is fully brewed by bees which contains less than 20 percent water is considered natural honey.

What natural rape honey looks like?

The rape honey has a light amber color,a little cloudy,has rape flower smell,a little spicy,and the spicy taste will be reduce after store long time,and then taste very sweet.But it is very easy to crystal, after crystallization it is white milk,the crystals are in the form of fine grains or grease.

Natural Pure Rapeseed Honey

What is the natural rape honey function?

1.Clear heat moistens dryness and dilates blood vessels:

Rape honey is very suitable in Spring,often eat can relieve dryness and relax blood vessels.

2.Reducing swelling and resolving mass and enrich blood:

Rape honey is very suitable for females to eat because it can enrich blood.

3.Good for kindey and protect liver:

Men insist on eating rape honey will have good effect on body.If eat together with rape pollen,it has the very good prevention and the auxiliary treatment function for mens prostatitis.

Rape honey is a rich-nutritious natural food.It smooth and good to taste,agreeable sweetness,has no side effect,it is known as the friend of Human Health.

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