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The Canola Flower Blossoms Again

April 16,2019.

From March of the year, flowers begin to blossom. The harvest season of pure honey is also beginning from March. In our beekeeping base, there is a large amount of canola flower planting. The canola flower honey is the earliest collect nectar in the year. The canola flower honey is also named rapeseed honey.  It is soft and palatable, sweet but not greasy, and no side effects are known as "friends of human health." It is rich in vitamins, organic acids and fat free. Long-term consumption by the elderly can enhance physical fitness and replenish the spirit. Our company has more than 200 beekeeping bases all around China. The apiary is selected in areas with high ground, dry, leeward, sunny, no stagnant water and suitable climate.

Rape flower base

Into the apiary, a large expanse of canola flower blossoms, in the season of canola blossoms, is also the time to enjoy flowers in our leisure time. Our company also ushered in a harvest of the "peak season", began to go around the chasing flowers and bee collecting honey. In the sun, the canola flower blossoms flashed with dazzling golden light, and the bees danced their wings, flying between the branches,flying around and collecting the pollen.


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