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What's the Honey's Usage in Beauty?

March 2,2021.

Many people know that honey is very good for people. It can be applied externally or taken orally. Honey is highly regarded by many people in terms of health care and beauty. Then you know how to use honey in addition to ordinary usage to help skin care retain youth? Today we will take a look at how the honey can maintain skin.

1. Red Wine Honey Mask

 has moisturizing and nourishing effects. This mask should be noted that the wine acid in red wine is fruit acid, which can promote the metabolism of keratin, dilute the pigment, and make the skin whiter and smoother, but people who are allergic to alcohol should use it with caution.

Method: Add a small glass of red wine and 2 to 3 spoons of honey to a thick state, then apply it evenly on the face, and wash off with warm water after 80% dry.


2. Honey Olive Oil Mask

This mask can prevent skin aging, eliminate wrinkles, moisturize and remove freckles. It is especially suitable for people with dry skin.

Take 100 grams of honey and 50 grams of olive oil and mix, heat to 40 ℃, stir, make it fully mixed evenly. When using, apply the mixed ointment to gauze, cover the face, peel off and wash after 20 minutes, 2-3 times a week.


3.Honey Lemon Mask                        

Take 10g of honey and heat it to 60℃ in water, add 10ml of lemon juice and mix thoroughly. After washing your face, apply it evenly on the face, wash off after 20-30 minutes, once a day,it can promote white and tender skin.


4. Honey Double-Ren Mask

Winter melon kernels contain fatty oleic acid, citrulline acid and other ingredients, which have the effect of reducing spots. Peach kernels are rich in vitamin E and vitamin B6, which not only help the skin resist oxidation, but also reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays. The moisturizing and nourishing effects of honey make the mask more effective.

Method: dry winter melon seeds and peach kernels and grind them into fine powder, add appropriate amount of honey to mix into a viscous paste, apply on the spots every night before going to bed, wash off the next morning, apply for three weeks, the spots will be gradually fade, so pay attention to sun protection during treatment.


5. Honey pearl powder mask

Prepare a small clean bottle, pour half a bottle of pearl powder, and then slowly pour the honey, stirring while pouring, so that the honey and pearl powder are fully mixed. Be careful not to pour too much honey, just adjust it to a paste. Then the mask is ready. Before use, wash your face with warm water, then use a small cotton swab to dip the adjusted mask evenly on the face, not too thick, just a thin layer, wash off after 1-2 hours, you can make the face is smooth and shiny.


Friends,let move and take actions now,let honey makes you more and more beautiful.

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