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How to Harvest Honey?

August 15,2019.

How to Harvest Honey?

Natural honey is a kind of healthy sweet food. There are mono flora honey and poly flora Honey In China, there are many different types of honey, like acacia honey, jujube honey, lychee honey, longan honey, sunflower honey, buckwheat honey etc. The harvest time is upon the flower blooming date. Normally it is from March to November.

The process of harvest honey is as follows.

1. In the bee farms, get the honeycomb, smoke away the bees, cut the capped the honeycomb.

Honey process

2. Extracting honey with an extractor

Crank the machine by hand or switch it on and let the motor do the work. As the extractor spins the frames, the honey will be forced to the walls of the drum.

3. Filling the honey in bucket and loading to factory

The raw honey is ready and delivery to factory by truck, then sterilize, filter and concentrate as per national and global regulations in the factory.

During harvest date, welcome to visit our bee farms and see the process of harvest honey.


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