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Factory Audit from Asia

Factory Audit from Asia

August 27,2019.

Quality control is very important for food factory. Our factory is certified by HACCP, all production process have procedure documents and control strictly.  Also set CCP at the production flow chart.  The worker should record all production data. 

The 3rd party audit the factory environment and documents, include workshop, lab, warehouse etc. Also ask for all records of production, confirm CCP, check product's traceability of each lot.

According our records, you can trace the material of each lot of finished product. You determine a lot No., then you will know what is the raw material content, which bee farms the honey collected, when the honey be put in the warehouse.

As a honey factory,  food safety & food traceability are our responsible. Supply premium quality honey to customers.

Welcome to visit and authorize the 3rd party audit our factory.


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