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Jujube Sidr Honey Bee Farms

Jujube Sidr Honey Bee Farms


This is our bee farm of jujube sidr honey. We have more than 200 bee farms like this.. The bee collect the pollen from jujube flower, then back to beehives for concentration. You can find the queen in beehive.

Hhjdhoney comes from beekeeper since 1996. We have own apiaries. The number of bee colonies are more than 20 000. In 2004, we established our honey factory in Hefei city. The honey is nectar from flowers by bees. All of our bee hives are placed in eco friendly environments, like deep mountain and forest. Our bee farms migrate according to the flowering season.

We supply different kinds of honey and bee products. There are Acacia honey, jujube honey, linden honey, sunflower honey, lychee honey, longan honey, royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen etc.

Establishing brand, expanding market, guaranteeing quality” as the core competence of developing market, we strictly control and manage all process of product, establish scientific and standardized inspection regulations, train new knowledge of staff quality management, establish quality consciousness of every staff, ensure continuous and stable production of premium quality product.

Our mission: Offer natural and healthy foods, jointly create long-term value.
Our Vision: To develop professional team, To build healthy supply chain, To become valuable company.

Our honey can pass the inspection of Intertek, QSI, SASO, SGS etc and also is HALAL foods. Currently we already export to East South Asia, Middle East, Europe and South Africa etc.

Welcome to visit us and wish you have a healthy & joyous day.

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