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Iced honey beverage bring you cool and healthy summer

August 1,2019.
pure sidr jujube honeyIn the hot summer, people likes iced beverage to make themselves cool down. There are all kinds of colored beverages sold in the supermarket.Is that healthy to your body? Most of them are made from high fructose syrup or sugar which will make you fat if you drink too much. Is there any more healthy choice? Of course Yes. Why not try our pure sidr jujube honey and acacia honey?

The season of sidr jujube honey is in June and acacia honey season is in May. All those honey are fresh which is perfect to make it as iced drinks for the whole family. In the summer, people have no appetite to eat foods because of the hot weather. Honey drinks can help you solve all kinds of digestive problems, including constipation and ulcers.

There are too many benefits of drinking honey, while skin soother and weight-loss aid may attract you in the summer. The attractive fragrance of sidr jujube and acacia flowers will bring you fresh experience while you open the jar of natural honey. Just follow us to find it here.
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